2023 Finance Committee

April 25th August 29th
September 26th October 31st


Finance Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to study and advise the Board of Directors with respect to all appropriations, review and recommend to the Board a budget for KCCDA’s operating expenses by a date specified by the Board for the ensuing year; study and advise the Board with respect to all matters pertaining to purchases; recommend action on claims submitted to the KCCDA for payment; and study and advise the Board with respect to all grants submitted for approval by the Board..



Finance Meeting Packets & Minutes

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04/24/23 DRAFT 04/24/23 05/03/22 05/03/22 04/27/21 04/27/21
10/31/23 10/25/22 10/25/22 09/21/21 09/21/21
10/26/21 10/26/21
11/30/21 11/30/21