Kalamazoo County
​Consolidated Dispatch Authority​​​​

Governmental collaborative to create an efficient and non-duplicative way of providing cost effective and efficient response to public safety emergency services, including the dispatch of emergency police, fire, and medical services within Kalamazoo County.

Kalamazoo County Consolidated Dispatch Authority (KCCDA) is very grateful to the residents of Kalamazoo who voted on the 9-1-1 System Funding Proposition.  While it is not the outcome we had hoped for, we respect the choice the voters have made. 

“To say we’re disappointed is an understatement.  However, we respect the will of the voters and will continue to seek solutions for other funding mechanisms to consolidate 9-1-1 services in Kalamazoo County,” said Jan Van Der Kley, Chairperson for the KCCDA Board of Directors.

“We will simply go back and begin reviewing alternative solutions with our partner agencies and local units of government,” Jeff Troyer, Executive Director of KCCDA said.  

“I join my fellow Board Members in thanking our voting public.  While tonight’s vote did not turn out in our favor, that does not mean consolidation of 9-1-1 will not occur,” Sheriff Richard Fuller, Clerk for the KCCDA Board of Directors said.  “I am confident this group will reconvene and develop an alternative funding plan to accomplish this much needed consolidation.”